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Hunter Gates, Acting, Monday 19.45-21.45 (GMT+2)
Monica Hunken, Acting, Wednesday 17.30-19.30 (GMT+2)
Mihaela M. Mihut, Acting, Thursday 19.45-21.45 (GMT+2)

Each class meets once per week for two hours.
Registration annual fee: 40 euros The cost of each class for the whole term is 192 euros
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International Festival of Making Theater

Every year (since 2005) the Theater of Changes organizes the International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.)
Press here to see the invitation for teachers and participants for our next festival
that will be held at our premises on July 1st – 6th 2024
For more information on the previous festivals press here

In.F.o.Ma.T Comments

The In.F.o.Ma.T. is one of the most colorful theatrical events ever and the variety of teachers and students from all over the world in its 19th edition was outstanding. This variety had brought lots of enthusiasm for all the participants, teachers and students to have a co-operation of such high quality. We were all there under the same roof, very focused and committed. I myself didn’t notice, how these five days passed and afterwards felt and still feel quite inspired by what I gained from each workshop I observed and the eager and enthusiasm everyone had.
So here is my never ending appreciation towards Evdokimos, and his wonderful team, who worked devotedly to make this possible. Thank you so so much!
Ramona Shah - Iran

My heartfelt thanks to you and all the faculty and students for the magical time we had these days. I am eternally grateful to you for the hard work you put into organizing this event, for the quality and level of teachers that came in, and for the amount of important information and skills we received. And most importantly, for those magical and important moments, discovering new things about ourselves and connecting with other wonderful like-minded people. For me it was simply priceless! Thank you so much!
Natalia Zaharova - Russia

It was an honor to work at the 19th International Festival of Making Theatre. Unforgettable gatherings, interesting students eager for knowledge and professors from all over the world left the greatest impression on me, as did the beautiful Athena. 
 Anđelko Beroš - Serbia

My participation in the In.F.o.Ma.T.  Festival   is one of the most important and interesting professional experience. It is also a huge artistic challenge to look carefully at my tools, choose the most important and interesting ones and share them with other practitioner  from around the world. These few days of theatrical laboratory gave me energy to creativity  for the next few seasons. And working with such wonderful participants and teachers is a great honor and pleasure. Thank you  for this week. Thanks to all of you, I know why I do theater and I feel myself much stronger again. See you soon on artistic paths.
Daniel Arbaczewski - Poland

Having the privilege of being a part of the Theater of Changes' 19th International Festival of Making Theater, as a teacher, was an extraordinary and transformative journey that I will cherish forever. My experience not only enriched the lives of the participants and my fellow colleagues/artists, but it also profoundly impacted my own perspective on the power of art and education.
From the very beginning, it was evident that the Theater of Changes is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive space for creativity and self-expression. The sheer dedication to empowering students from diverse backgrounds to find their voices through the medium of theatre is truly commendable. The supportive and encouraging environment allowed each student to shine, irrespective of their level of experience or background.
One of the most remarkable aspects was the emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. Watching the participants come together, build trust, and support each other during the creative process was truly heartwarming. The transformative power of theatre became evident as they evolved from individual artist into a cohesive ensemble, united by a shared vision of inspiring change through their art.
To the exceptional professionals at the Theater of Changes, thank you for creating a platform that encourages the next generation of artists and change-makers to fearlessly use their voices and talents for a better world. Your dedication to the arts and social impact is commendable, and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to educators and aspiring actors alike.
Tyrie K. Rowell - South Carolina, U.S.A.

I'm delighted to have had the chance to take part in this wonderful festival, it was a really rewarding experience. The students were really committed, and it was very pleasant to teach in these conditions. I also attended a lot of very interesting workshops conducted by many different teachers: very inspiring!
Brice Ramakers - Belgium

This festival is an unforgettable experience in which I made many friends and met wonderful people from different parts of the world, but also gained knowledge that will be important for my further development.
 Mia Prodić - Serbia

This festival is truly one of the most special events of the year. The possibility to come together as theatre professionals, from all over the world, to teach, inspire eachother: we become more than our background. We are theatre folk from everywhere when we arrive, and we are theatre folk united when we leave. The magic of theatre makes the borders dissapear. We thank the Theatre of Changes for making this possible, for bringing all of these countries and humans together, for creating the space in wich we are safe to learn en grow. In our craft - as actors, performers, writers, directors, teachers - as well as in our humanity, as people. We absolutely love this festival, and hope we will be able to attent it for many years to come!
Tobias Specker & Maartje van Amersfoort - The Netherlands

Thank you for this great time spent during the festival! I truly enjoyed taking part in the workshops and discovering so many different ways of making theater. It was a rich and really exciting experience. Thanks a lot for making this happen every year! I felt like a lucky "padawan" among all those passionnating teachers who looked like some masters Jedi from Star Wars'movie!
Zoé Borbé - Belgium

I would like to thank you for your hospitality and the effort you put into making this festival.
As an actor it is precious for me to expand my horizons, experience new things and acquire different set of skills that I can use one stage and this festival creates an opportunity to do just that.
I am grateful for the energy that was selflessly shared, I am grateful for the acquaintances, both with the participants and the professors, I am grateful for the knowledge that was given to me. Most of all, I am grateful that the theater exists - it brings us together.
Dragan Vesic - Serbia

The Festival is an unforgettable experience, of energy, sharing of ideas and meeting such wonderful people  with different backgrounds. This took me back to my Drama school days quite a few years ago now- such dedicated teachers who pack in a lot in their session, giving you  a taster of a technique or series of exercises.They follow you through other sessions too, watching your progress and listen to what you have to say and give you feedback. It was exciting for me as well to find real friends amongst my classmates, who all loved the theatre with passion, and were ready to give their all !!
Grazzi hafna (Thanks a lot in Maltese), Theatre of Changes and all the organisers!!!
 Victor De Bono - Malta 

Thank you Theatre of Change!
I have spent the last 26 years teaching. During that time I have attended a multitude of festivals and conferences. My experience participating and presenting at 19th In.F.o.Ma.T.  tops them all. The level of professionalism exhibited by both presenters and participants made this a unique experience. All the theatre people gathering from different parts of the world to share in a craft we love at an extremely well organized event!
Thomas Haase - Texas, U.S.A.

First of all thanks for your hospitality i had a great time during the festival. For me this festival gave me an opportunity to learn so many things about my work as an actor. Also I’ve made so many friendships that i think will last many years. So i hope i will have the chance to return!
Nemanja Mikic - Serbia

"I am very glad I did the festival. Not only because all the gathered talent, both among students and teachers, or because it was very well organized, but it also had the best atmosphere which I have ever experienced at a festival."
Micke Klingvall - Sweden

The 18th International Festival of Making Theater, was an incredible experience in every sense. Had the opportunity to be part of it as a professor, was something magical not only for that all we learnt, if not for the heart of people. One week just doing, breathing, and doing Theater is somenting everyone should do. 
Analia Mayta - Argentina

"There is something truly special about this festival. It attracts caring, professional master teachers from all over the world and dynamic international students who hunger for knowledge both artistically and spiritually. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it."
Sybil St Claire - Florida, U.S.A.

As a researcher - I found this festival to be a perfect place to try out new workshop ideas and polish the already existing ones. As a performance maker I felt that this event filled me with much needed inspiration and eagerness to make the impossible possible. As a human being - I simply enjoyed every heart-felt connection with the teachers, students and staff at the Theatre of Changes. INFOMAT 2022 was fulfilling in so many aspects that it's hard to name them all, so to sum it all up I'll just say - it was a very enriching experience and I am  grateful for having had a chance to take part in this festival.
Milda Sokolovaite - Lithuania

I keep telling my friends and my colleagues about this great  event. I wanted to thank you for this incredible adventure a truly miracle like in a fairy tail in a small and hidden place  there's    a special magic made by a group of wonderful wizards. I was so impressed by this gathering of so many extremely professionals artists coming from all over the world willing  to share their knowledge and experience   with a  talented group  of students full of passion and curiosity. A real calibration of exiting workshops, fertile  dialogues and mutual experience in  a variety of  methods . I wish I had the time to visit and experience all  those interesting activates . I want to thank you and your lovely assistant and your generous team for the pleasant and intimate atmosphere that you all create for us. I already have some very good recommendation of   interesting Israeli artists for your festival".
Sara Sibony - Israel

How refreshing it was to come to The Theatre of Changes in Athens and join the festival.
To attend all these different courses and dive into the work so intensely was exactly what my creative body needed.
It made me so happy how engaged each student and teacher was in the courses and we shared something very special together this week.
 Sigríður Ásta Olgeirsdóttir - Iceland

"My experience at this festival was to teach and learn at the same time. I enjoyed most of all in a very friendly environment at the festival. The teachers, participants, and event organizers have done their best to bring the exchange of knowledge to the event. I was able to make my own idea with the help and support of the group with excellent results. I am proud to work alongside the great teachers of this festival.The performance of smart and talented students was amazing in the final program".
Setareh Shahin - Iran

In In.Fo.Ma.T. ‘22, I was reminded of, why I save up money and invest in myself; and why I want to keep on doing that. And keep on coming to Athens: to a have my annual zip of dionysian force poured straight down into my soul. Indeed by the end of the festival I literally went through a cathartic state, feeling very much touched, rejuvenated, loved and safe. On top of everything and not the least, as well I feel progressed and upgraded professionally, socially, and have new cool connections! I look forward to meeting you again! 
Karl Edgar Tammi - Esthonia

"I believe that the Theater of Changes, presenting it's 15th in.F.o.Ma.T, has provided an extraordinary service to the arts of theater and performance.  The system of having student and professional participants, co-mingled in intense three hour sessions with artists, who present innovative procedures, creates a fascinating and inspiring experience.  Another advantage in this Festival was having all participants engage in every artists session.  This brought about a unity of purpose.  I very much enjoyed witnessing the sessions by other artist presenters.  I believe we have all inspired each other to stretch and expand our own artistic views.  This was enhanced by the fact that Artist presenters as well as participants were present from a variety of countries and cultures.
Hopefully the Festival of Making Theater will continue for many years. Thank you for all your endeavors in making this happen, and for inviting me."
Alice Condodina - California U.S.A.

"The  9th In.F.o. Ma. T. was truly wonderful. It gave students and instructors the possibility of sharing experiences and methods. The students were amazingly open to challenge themselves and explore new approaches. The work that each group was able to accomplish in one week was amazing"
 Kiara Pipino - Italy

My experience at In.F.o.Ma.T. 2022 was amazing. Students from all corners of the world come to study drama with great enthusiasm.  Learn by heart.  As a teacher, I am also happy to learn different things here. I like to come to this theatre festival every year because this festival works to fill you with new energy. 
Thank you so much!
Dr.Mangesh Bansod - India 

"This is a truly unique and rewarding experience for students!  It is an opportunity to experience diverse acting techniques and approach the world of theater through many eyes.  I was impressed and awed by the level of talent and engagement of the students.  This workshop offers an incredible way to learn, create, and live our art, the art of Theater"
Suzy de Vore - Florida U.S.A.

"I would like to extend my thanks to all the participants, fellow colleagues, and the organizers of the 9th Festival of Making Theatre. The spirit of the Theatre Of Changes School, the receptivity of the participants to the workshops in conjunction with the diversity of the pedagogical approaches offered by the teachers created an exceptional working context.  The curiosity of the students and their eagerness to experience new approaches fostered a creative and collaborative atmosphere. The only downside is that the week went by so quickly and left one with the desire to pursue the collaboration further.  It was very inspiring and a real pleasure to have been part of the collaboration.  
As an Hellenophile, this opportunity allowed me to deepen my understanding of the Greek culture and the people.  For several years now, I try to make short trips to Greece to research and discover the culture, in particular, the theatre, the land, and to be in the company of Greeks.  I was very inspired by the philosophy and approach of your school.  As an independent instructor, finding ways to make theatre available to a large range of people including amateur, semi-professional and professional is an immense challenge.  Your school seems to offer this opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to train and partake in the experience, creating a unique learning context and approach.
Thank you for fostering such a creative environment for the exchange of ideas and pedagogy.  It would be a pleasure to participate in this festival again."
 Eileen Jackson - France

"Thank you and everyone at T.O.C for creating such
an important and exciting week of international theatrical exchange
and engagement!
I am very proud to have been a part of In.Fo.Ma.T 2012.
I do hope you find a way to keep the festivals going. They are important,
valuable and worthy endeavors and need to be continued.
If I had the funding to return I certainly would want to be there
again next year."
Gia Forakis - New York, U.S.A.

"I believe that any young (or not!) actor seeking to learn more about the trade should experience In.F.o.Ma.T. at least once. The concept of working with teachers from all over the world who each specialise on a different technique, while also bringing their own subjective, unique input is a truly interesting one. The range of the actor/participant is widened, offering new ways of exploring the art of the actor from various perspectives, thus truly helping one grow. In.F.o.Ma.T. is an innovative, smart and, thankfully, very friendly festival. I'm glad to have taken part in the 14th In.F.o.Ma.T.!" 
Cabiria Morgestern - Romania

"I want to thank the participants that sweated a lot  trying to go beyond their own limits during the workshop I led, and I want to give a special thank to some of them that shared also their vulnerability and sensitivity with me. Through this experience at the In.F.o.Ma.T. Festival, I understood something of deeper on what means for me making theater, and on what motivates me to carry out my personal research. I wish that this Festival, so full of new theoretical and practical approaches regarding a wide range of disciplines in the field of Performing Arts, will recive all the support and all the recognitions that it deserves, because it offers to each student a rare opportunity and a real help for finding her/his own way of making theater and for discovering her/his own hidden talents. I'm very grateful for giving my small contribution to this brave and original project in its 14th edition. Thank you for inviting me."
Gabriella Zeno- Italy

"Thank you for this wonderful cultural event. Being a part of In.F.o.Ma.T 8 was a great experience for me as a teacher and as an artist. I enjoyed teaching the students that came from far and that were realy hungry to learn, and at the same time meeting them personally and enjoying their high spirits. The idea of a festival where teachers teach and study at the same time is great. It is so fulfilling. In.F.o.Ma.T made everybody , no matter where they came from ,Israel, Italy ,the U.K or Dubai ,feel a family."
Anat Barzilay- Israel

" I am overjoyed to have been able to participate on the Festival; it gave me so much great and useful experiences.
I definitely cheer you for the continuation in contempt of economics, politics and other rankling facts at Greece (and elsewhere too). From my point of view in distressed times the creative energies work as geysers. And what would be a better form to repair our society than art, than theatre? Or just make the people think that they CAN think and solve quite anything on their own way! Staying alive is our common case.
So this festival is important for all the measured, responsible theatre-makers - it can help us to become wide-aware, profound and vivid creators. The teachers gave clues of their art, their philosophy - we all were confidentials. They delievered the main tricks and phrases and now we must adapt these items into our personal art system. It was a week of tasting in 4-4 hours. For me it was more extraordinary to be a dancer between the actors than being a foreigner. I've learnt terribly lot from my mates: direct communication skills with the audience, text interpretation ideas. And it was also interesting to see, what is hard for them to catch in the movements' language and what are my routine (I mean boring, not innovative) solutions for a body exercise. I could make a long list of benefits and disadvantages of being a body-focused person. In our Thursday 'psycho-clinic' show I was encountering with both types during my acting.
If I have a chance, I'll be there next summer for sure!"
Kinga Szemessy- Hungary

"Thank you for the opportunity of meeting so many people and for the sharing.
I found Infomat  absolutely inspiring. Is a place for encounters, for work and knowledge where everyone can be free in spirit and creative without any borders.
I wish to you all the best for your school and theatrical plans, thank you for the last 3 years and I am sure we'll meet again!"
Anca Similar- Romania

"The festival was a great artistic and cultural experience. It was well organised and both the students and the other teachers were motivated, creative and inspiring. I have learnt a lot from teaching in it, it was a delightful experience."
Ariella Eshed - U.K.

"I really enjoy be a participant of the festival - a place to meet enthusiastic performers, share tools and arouse creativity. A place to make discoveries and experiments and to leave with a great desire for making theatre.
I hope you will manage to keep this great event going.
A big thank to you and the school's team"
Girard Marthe - France 

"Theater of Changes is a glorious feast. It was pure joy to wake up every day and prepare for an afternoon packed with the inspiring illumination that is born from hours of training, teaching and concluding with an intimate performance. And I still had time to venture to Syntagma Square with the protestors. I am grateful that I took as many classes as I could so I had the opportunity to learn as a teacher and then to be humbled as a student, facing challenges and barriers with this new community of international seekers. It was such a unique time to be in Athens, in the midst of the upheaval. It felt rich with creativity. The power of people joined together from across the world in the name of artistic expression is a power that can truly change the world."
Monica Hunken - New York, U.S.A.

"The festival was a wonderful and informative experience, especially because participants got to savour different styles and approaches. The only thing I would change is would involve having shorter sessions for the simple reason that we would have been less tired and more energetic to fully enjoy each and every workshop that came at the later stages of the festival when everyone was exhausted! Otherwise- a great experience!"
Simone Spiteri - Malta

"What a joy and honor to be part of the 6th International Festival of Making Theatre. It was an amazing week of theatre, working with such talented and committed people from all over the world. I want to thank Ev for bringing such a diverse group of artists together for this enriching experience. I would strongly recommend this Festival to all teachers and students."
Jean McDaniel Lickson - Alabama, U.S.A.

"For one week of the year, a group of creative and diverse, global artists and students climb the winding marble stairs, steep with tradition, refined and fresh in approach to make the festival that is “The Theater of Change”. A true dance of dedication to the art form and a magical playing ground for transformation in this ancient space. An ascent, not to be missed."
JE Van Dyke-  Indiana U.S.A.

"The 6th International Festival of Making Theater was a fabulous moment in
time, set aside to grow our craft and create change. And what a remarkable
moment it was. Students and teachers from at least five continents coming
together to share experiences, promote ideas and revel in our passions
through the healing art of theater. With all the challenges going on in the
world, we simply did what artists do. We created a space filled with truth,
peace and wonder as we celebrated our common humanity."
Carol Fox Prescott - New York, U.S.A.

"Excellent creative atmosphere gave both - students and teachers - a wide view into inner theatrical work.
Next to exchange of methods and tools the international “crew” debated over aesthetics, practical approach and sublime actor’s awareness. One week was just too short. For me – trough and trough inspiring experience!"
Mag. Marusa Geymayer-Oblak - Slovenia

I loved the whole experience of the workshop. I loved teaching students from different countries and taking other faculty classes who are doing different things around the world was a highlight for me.
My only suggestion would be that students have ten minutes within the structure of the workshop at points to journal and reflect on their experiences in class, remember exercises that worked for them, etc - perhaps at the end of class, before lunch or dinner break? I have taken intensives as an actor and I know when they built in those short periods for us to collect our thoughts it was very helpful.
Thank you so much for hosting the wonderful first night dinner and the trip to Epidarus, which were both remarkable experiences I will not forget.
It would be wonderful to participate again in the festival in the future. I appreciate everything you have done to make it happen."
Debra Hale - Florida U.S.A

"I take this moment to look back and smile
fondly as I recall the very short, very extensive/intensive week of
collaboration and celebration in The Festival of Making Theatre. For
an artist and a teacher it is a gift to both share and learn from
colleagues and students alike who are entwined in the same space. It
is a rare find that one can experience such a gift. In one week,
intense honest collaboration envelops international artists who find
themselves on the theatrical path, for reasons that they alone
knowingly delve experientially into the intricacies of becoming an
actor. The Festival solidifies for all involved that as actors we are
not alone, that we are in one form or another all beginners, that our
dreams can be realized with hard work, and the ties that binds us lies
within the theatrical stage. On that stage, no matter where it may be
lit, we find those who share our desire to be as diverse and as
exhilarating as the The Festival of Making Theatre. We know because
we experienced it together in 2010."
Hunter Gates - Canada

"The Celebration that is a The International Festival of Making Theatre is a celebration of working, playing and discovering theatre. The Athens, Greece setting is holistic and powerful! Enthusiastic and creative students meet giving and gifted teaching artists in learning environment. The result is expansive growth for all involved!"
Margaret Laurena Kemp- California, U.S.A.

"I am very thankful for this possibility to take part in In.Fo.Ma.T. I feel very enriched professionally, because I had a chance to lead my workshop with such an enthusiastic and talented people. I feel alighted in my heart, because now I have beautiful friends all around the world. It was huge experience to take part in workshops what gave me serious knowledge and new skills. The festival discovers important issue - merge between theatre, body-oriented techniques, therapy and arts!"
Simona Orinska - Latvia

"It is always beneficial to be a part of such an event for me. Each participant added at least one brick on her/his wall. When the informations will be filtered, each student will realize that she/he got a lot. Thanks to the organizers and the partners. Let's hope that art will make people more tolerable some day."
Kemal Basar - Turkey

"I was so glad to participate in this festival, and i am very grateful. All the different workshops have been really rewarding for me. I am now even more aware about how the development of energy and concentration lead us to creation. Also the importance of the own body to the actor .The more the body is implicated, the more energy is contributed the more the actor is able to communicate emotions to the audience. Also the workshops of "Buttoh" and " Shamanic Skills for the Actor" showed me how the self-awareness and the surrounding avidly feeds the actor."
Sarah Bouragba - France

"For us, the Theatre is not only to produce the technique and the elements in an aesthetic context, but it is also a true and warm human communication. Without these true and warm relationships, it is difficult the energy and the give and take of human exchange to find his real way and it can not flow in the right direction. In this festival, we experienced this warm and true human communication. What also impressed us was the staff and organizers of the festival, they have permits with great love and without any stress everything for everyone. Thank you for everything. We wish the Festival much success in his further years."
Shamal Amin, Nigar Hasib - Iraq/Austria

"When I applied to Infomat, I couldn't imagine it will give me so much! The week was really intensive, the workshops very different from each other, so all what we, participants, could do was take, take, take. And if there were something you didn't enjoy so much, there were other workshops who gave more than you could take. And the atmosphere was really good! Everybody was friendly and it was very easy to cooperate with other students as well as the teachers. The festival gave me such a fulfillment I hadn't felt for a very long time. It was hard to leave. Even though we were exhausted. It was a nice exaustment. I wish I could not forget anything of what I learned, I don't want to miss something of that huge, nice experience what I just got! The only minus I can think of (but I guess, you know it yourself) is the space. It was a pity that the rooms are so small that some teachers can't make everything they would like. or performers like Shamal Amin & Nigar Hasib. It would be great if it was possible to rent another space at least for the performances!"
Lija Liepina - Latvia

"I found the experience stimulating and I was inspired by being in the company of so many creative, pioneering and inquisitive artist/teachers. I enjoyed the international dialog and sense it points the way to a truly global theater."
Michael Morgan -  California, U.S.A.

"Was a great experience, was amazing learn that even if from different countries, schools, lifestyles, all the participants (and the teachers too :)...) had found a common language to make theater, all together. Was a precious week in all senses. thanks!!!"
Luisa Belviso - Italy

"It was the most amazing experience, learning, sharing, reflecting and exchanging with a vast of talented creative people from the different disciplines and theater venues. I felt a strong focus on a discovery trip of the deep human values and potentials in every person. Each workshop brought the very best of 15 teachers from around the world, the most interesting intercultural gathering in the name of Theater. Many thanks."
Martha Llanos - Peru

"The 5th In.F.o.Ma.t. was an opportunity to the young making theater of Greece.This initiative helps to opens the references and to give different visions about the theater and the theater today in different countries. Change experiences in this kind of meeting, maybe is the best direction to making theater in these days."
Byron Skouris and Camilla Bombardini,Brazil - Italy

"What a rich and intense experience! The enthusiasm of the students and their untiring capacity to throw themselves into the work, the appreciation and openness of everyone, exploring new approaches myself plus the amazingly smooth organisation and joyful spirit behind the whole event made it an unforgettable week."
Helen Fost - United Kingdom

"I enjoyed very much the festival and it certainly provided me with a lot of new tools for my work as an actor puppeteer. Most of all I came out of the INFOMAT with lots of questions and the desire to find the answers. It is an excellent forum to meet new forms of theatre and compare what is being done in different parts of the world. I would like the festival to change the focus to include also direction and play writing workshops and not only acting skills."
Diego Ugalde De Haene - Mexico

"The 4th In.F.o.Ma.T was an excellent introduction to a world of different techniques of making theatre, I met so many people who wished to share their experience and that enriched me greatly. It was perfectly organized and the work in groups turned out to be great fun and yet highly productive. I would definitely like to come back to Athens for a future edition of the festival!"
Milka Panayotova - Bulgaria

"The experience was fantastic, so many brilliantly talented students and
an exceptional collection of tutors from whom I learnt so much."
Chris Taylor - United Kingdom

"It was a deeply spiritual experience to teach what I love to teach to students who love to learn in the one place on the planet where the magnificent art of Theatre began, Athens!"
David Barker - Arizona U.S.A.

"The cultural and artistic exchange between teachers and students became so playful and intense, that I didn't know anymore, who was learning from who."
Martina Morasso - Italy

"After attending In.F.o.Ma.T., and having returned to Lisbon, I had the feeling that several months had passed by. This feeling was due not only to the amount of information I have received from the different workshops, but most of all because I had grown. I became much more aware of my weak spots as a performer, some that I had not realized. Acknowledging them, they became easier to solve. To me that was mind-blowing and crucial for my career. Also, I was happily surprised by the quality of the teaching in the different approaches presented: experienced professionals able to adapt and to respond to the class's needs. Seeing how these professionals teach and present their own methods, being able to talk to them, to discuss our artistic field, and ask for advice was a unique experience. Thank you all!"
Eunice Gonçalves Duarte - Portugal

"I participated as a teacher for the 4th Festival of making theatre in Athens. As a teacher it was an uplifting time working with such a committed group of talented students who took part in my master classes. It was also a wonderful opportunity to observe and meet other teachers from across the globe. My only regret - there was not more time to continue working with such open students. I thank you for what was a unique opportunity and experience. I would gladly come back anytime."
Phillip Mackenzie - Australia

"I really had a wonderful time in Athens and I am happy and grateful that I have an opportunity to participate in the Festival. I found it very stimulating to be surrounded with so many different theatre practitioners and pedagogues and I enjoyed attending the workshops and seeing different methods and approaches to the theatre practice. I wish the teachers had a meeting or 'around table' discussion where we could even more exchange our experiences of theatre (around certain topic for example). Also I found it very interesting to have the same workshop with a three different groups. I enjoyed working with so many talented students. All my compliments for the organization of this lovely encounter!"
Ivana Peranic - Croatia

"The Infomat is an amazing opportunity to discover many ways of
practicing theater. Some of them are more unusual than others, but
the whole thing is taught by very good teachers who are recognized in
their art. The rich week of this festival offers to meet many people
from all over the world and discover the beautiful greek culture.
Thanks to the TOC staff!"
Alain Guerry - Switzerland

"I was delighted to be a part of the Infomat 2008 organised by the Theater of Changes in Athens. It was a real celebration of
International theatre and brought together an extraordinary variety of superb practitioners from all over the world who are experts in a range of theatrical disciplines. They
shared their knowledge not only with the fantastically
enthusiastic participants, but also with each other. It affirms the
principle that in art, we do not recognize geopolitical borders but somehow speak a common universal language of creativity and humanity which we endeavor to explore through our work. The week was genuinely inspirational and great fun!'"
Giles Foreman - United Kingdom

"I want first to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and your warm, friendly, helpful staff. I so much appreciate the care offered by all of you for the comfort of the teachers. You were a model of hospitality and generosity! - so gracious, everyone. I enjoyed your students enormously. The festival draws a wonderful array of eager and talented students. It was a delight and a privilege to work with them. I did wish that we had more time for social and pedagogical interaction with them, as they were delightfully engaged in the process and I was jealous for more time with them. The teachers you brought in offered such a wide variety of attitudes and approaches to their work; I was encouraged and inspired by many of them. You have created something quite special and unique at your school, I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to participate. I have already recommended it to a few respected colleagues and hope some of them will bring their work to you next summer for In.F.o.Ma.T # 4! I will continue to follow the work you are doing there. And would delight in an opportunity to work with you again. Best of luck ..!!!"
Marya Lowry - Massachussets, U.S.A.

"I had the privilege to instruct as part of the 3rd In.F.o.Ma.T. training festival, and found it stimulating and an exciting opportunity to exchange, challenge, and explore many aspects of the art of developing young theatre artists. The participants and instructors were passionate and inventive and the atmosphere was both charming and welcoming. Bravo!"
Ron East - United Kingdom

"From a practitioners point of view to be able to observe fellow practitioners in passing on their knowledge, approach to teaching as well as exchanging experiences was inspiring and at times fascinating. I has been a professional challenge give the students a little piece of new perspective, information, inspiration or direction for their craft in a very short time, but one that was hopefully met."
Marlene Kaminsky - Germany

"It was amazing chance to work with these enthusiastic people! I realized very creative atmosphere there and “the Spirit of Theatre” was everywhere around us. Also Evdokimos and all the Theatre of Changes festival team organized everything so perfect that I felt so comfortable and pleasant. Thank you very much."
Sonia Luzinova - Slovakia

"A great chance to meet and know theatre professionals from all the world. Different people and different ways of working, but the unification is great love for theater, interest in genuine communication with body, voice and soul."
Silvia Iannazzo - Italy

"I found In.F.o.Ma.T. a very important festival for both teachers and participants. It was joyful and interesting opportunity to get new ideas, see different ways of working and meet theater artists from different countries. I enjoyed the purpose of the festival: learning, exploring, not aiming at any product. That made the atmosphere creative, because there was no pressure for the result. In an atmosphere like this it is possible to find something new. I want to thank you Evdokimos and other people from Theater of Changes for excellent organization, hospitality and inspiring festival"
Laura Mannila - Finland

"I was very pleased to be part of the festival this year. It's a unique event: a faculty of 20 teachers who all had something distinctive to offer in acting, voice and movement. Teaching and watching other teachers at work was the heart of it for me. There began real sharing of approaches to the three groups as we learned from watching each other and discussing afterwards in a cafe or restaurant."
Simon Ratcliffe - United Kingdom

"The 2nd In.F.o.Ma.T. was a unique and special experience. As a theatre director who works in many countries and environments, it is rare to find an event that is so well-conceived and produced. In.F.o.Ma.T. combines different talents, cultures, and warm hospitality. The result is a creative and enriching experience."
Michael Devine - Canada

"The Workshop of the 2nd In.F.o.Ma.T. was actually a very successful one . It gave both the teachers and the students an amazing chance for being acquainted with a lot of methods of numerous techniques and new movements of theatre. It was not only a training for the students but for the teachers too. The students have really the enthusiasm for improving their talent. Every thing was well arranged. I am really very grateful for sharing in this festival, and I hope to share again next year. Thank you for everything."
Laila Moneim - Egypt

“The festival was a magical and remarkable experience for me. Wonderful people, a great deal of love and commitment, an honest desire to explore the work. And it is a credit to you as Artistic Director to bring such high quality into your reality. Not to mention your hospitality matched only by really fun atmosphere introducing us to Greece and the wonder of the cradle of civilization. I was honoured to be a part of such a diverse and exciting group of people and most importantly: I learned a lot.”
Tom Waites -  New York, U.S.A
'When students become teachers and teachers students, when we learn to breathe again, when ours dreams appear in the day, when we are more conscious of our dreams at night, when strangers become intimate soul friends within three hours; this is the power of concentration and inspiration ... and then walls of smaller studio’s have no borders anymore..."
Betsy Torenbos - Netherlands

"The 2nd In.F.o.Ma.T. 2006 has been a great event where different cultures and methods of making and thinking Theater had a chance of meeting and exchanging beyond every border. The Theater of Changes has been a big Academy where several lines of thinking Theater could flow together always keeping an eye on the other's work and exchanging knowledge and experiences. We are grateful to E.Tsolakidis and the Theater of Changes for this important initiative. Our workshop has been successful thanks to the enthusiasm of the students and to flawless Organization. It has definitely enriched our experience, both as artistes and persons."
Cinzia Grande & Andrea Lattari - Italy

"The organisation was very nice and even if the program was very intensive there were good quality of choosing teachers and techniques and also was very nice the fact that participants have got different levels....I have also learned new things and also have got the possibility of refreshing the things that were sleeping inside of me. Finally I would like to thank once again the team of In.F.o.Ma.T. and especially Evdokimos for everything...."
Ahmet Avkiran - Turkey

"The 2nd In.F.o.Ma.T. 2006 was for me, as artist and human being, a great event where many theatre people, teachers and students, with different talents, techniques, cultures and methods, met and worked together in a very intensive program and friendly environment, to make and think theatre and education. As other fellow practitioners, I would like to thank once again, the warm hospitality of the team of The Theatre of Changes and the invaluable contribution of Evdokimos for directing such creative and enriching experience in Athens, Greece, "la cuna del teatro y la civilización occidental". Thank you very much, see you soon."
Verónica García-Huidobro - Chile

"The Theatre of Changes is a wonderful opportunity to meet with fellow practitioners from across a vast selection of countries and of an incredibly high standard. Working with a very enthusiatic team of actors, we had the chance to share skills and experiences in a very creative and friendly enviornment. For the students, it was a great challenge to see a variety of approaches to theatre-making and for the tutors, it was wonderful to make links and connections to the varying styles of work. The Theatre of Changes festival team were incredibly supportive throughout the week and made everybody feel at home and worked incredibly hard to make it a successful and enjoyable week for all involved."
Caroline McSweeney - Ireland

"Have u ever been to the Moon? .... Never ?!? Me too. You never can say for sure is it a beautiful “planet” or no until you see it…and I don’t know whether I ‘d have such chance to come there but this summer I was really lucky to visit Greece, my MOON,
and not only this wonderful country but to participate in the 2nd Festival of Making
Theatre. Did I intrigue You? Then don’t waste your time and apply to take part in the 3rd Festival. You won’t regret, believe me. SEE YOU AT THE MOON……"
Elena Polyakova – Russia

"The 2nd In.F.o.Ma.T. was for me one of most beautiful and happy event ever. I met so many wonderful, professional and talented people in really small space. For me it was pleasure to share my experiences and I had the chance to improve myself. I hope that I will keep touch with many of teachers and participants as well, and maybe this is a chance for new international cooperation. I wish I could organize something similar in my country. You all are my friends and for me it was love at first sight."
Katarina Vakrckova - Slovakia

"It was a great honour and enormous delight to participate as a guest teacher and performing my solo play, "Let it Be Art: Harold Clurman's Life of Passion" in the 2nd In.F.o.Ma.T. Teaching my workshop with the students trained by Evdokimos Tsolakidis and those from the international community was an enormously great learning experience for myself and the students, and I cherished every moment. Mr. Tsolakidis is making an important and invaluable contribution to the theatre of Greece and to world theatre."
Ronald Rand - New York, U.S.A.

"My participation in the Second Festival was a significant experience. The meeting of theatre teachers from all around the world, the occasion to witness and discuss their work in an atmosphere of generosity and care has been an occasion first and foremost to broaden the horizon of the perspective I shed on my work and its value.I thank the organisation for their warm welcome, and constant support in making such a gathering possible."
Francois Grise - Canada

"The 2nd In.Fo.Mat was for me a big experience in many aspects. I could learn new things about my profession as an actor with excellent teachers. I will never forget the classes with each one of them. Besides I met a wonderful group of classmates, I´m sure that some of them will be my friends for the rest of my life. I would not hesitate to do it again."
Gustavo Casanova – Argentina

"Working with so many different instructors from different countries as intensely as we did really challenged my habits and preferences as an actor. I was surprised by how much I felt my acting instincts developed within just one week. It was a very unique and productive experience.
Athens is a magical place for an actor to visit, and when combined with the international community which was put together, I really felt I got the best of all worlds."
Sandra Ingram - U.K.

"Congratulations!! It's been a really amazing week. It seems almost impossible to learn so different things in just one week. I felt like a monk training from morning till night everyday. We were tore into bits and rearranged in so many different forms, trying all possible combinations and I think that's theatre and performance: constructing and deconstructing the world into pieces. Thank you and hope to see you next year."
Jorge Perez Falconi - Mexico

"The 1st In.F.o Ma.T. Festival was a wonderful success and I believe it was due in large measure to the excellent organization and graciousness of Evdokimos and his staff. There was a spirit of collaboration among all the teachers, positive energy and genuine respect, despite different backgrounds and training philosophies. I would participate again in a heartbeat and will certainly recommend next year's Festival to all my students."
Kristine Holtvedt - Indiana, U.S.A.

"I will keep the experience of this festival like an inner jewel in my heart. Art needs connection and even though this should be the easiest thing to do, artists, as human beings, usually seem to be afraid to share and exchange. So you of Theater of Changes had enormous courage in assembling all those artists together and won the challenge. Connections and dialogue are the artists' way to create value in our life and our job and to contribute and work for the society's benefit. In a world where indifference and inhumanity prevail, 1st In.F.o.Ma.t. has been an oasis of passion and creativity."
Giorgina Cantalini - Italy

"The 1st Festival energized me on a profound level. Not only did I witness the aesthetic of artists from diverse backgrounds, but I was also able to reinforce the value of my own practice as I shared it with participants and colleagues of many countries. It truly was an international experience, and we are all the richer for it."
Antonio Ocampo-Guzman - Colombia / Arizona, U.S.A.

"The 1st International Festival of Making Theater 2005, dreamed and then made into reality by the dedicated director and staff of the Theater of Changes, was a true labour of love and a great human and artistic success. I am honoured to have been invited to make a contribution."
"The work by the enthusiastic and dedicated participants and my talented and devoted instructor colleagues from many different parts of the world took place in an inspiring atmosphere of delicate and healthy balance between professional discipline and loving human care, laughter and seriousness, intensity and playful enjoyment."
"It showed that a large event can happen in a small space because of large, open, generous minds, hearts and spirits."
"It is my hope that all who participated were encouraged, supported and renewed in their aspiration and dedication to make contemporary theater a strong and relevant voice in our world."
Judith Koltai - Canada

"The 1st International Festival of Making Theater went beyond our expectations -no war of methods and techniques, but a genuine and passionate encounter of human beings in love with their crafts . Evdokimos and his team created a stimulating ambience for a dynamic cross-cultural meeting of teachers, musicians, actors and directors, all willing to expose themselves, learn from others and question the future of our art. We were deeply touched. Thank you. Let the miracle continue!"
Salila O'Connor & Daniele Legler - New Zealand & Italy/Australia

"At a historical moment where understanding of cultural differences between various cultures seems to be the only motive for hate and death this small but big theater festival teaches us all that knowledge and the exchange of our different cultural identities is the only possible way for our future as artists as well as human beings. I deeply thank all colleagues and the precious staff of the Theater of Changes and above all the passionate students. I wish to meet up with all of you soon."
Salvo Bitonti - Italy

"This first Infomat was a real joy: short but strong, passionate and open-minded. Evdokimos, along with his assistants and benevolants, and off course the participants, succeeded the fragile but quite essential part of a good performer's experience: the general will to exchange. With my pleasure to do it over again."
Greta Maes - France

"I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of The First International Festival of Making Theatre. There we were in Greece, on the very soil from which Thespis emerged, sharing our diversity, exploring what we bring to the theatre and how we prepare ourselves for our work. Theatre of Changes created a respectful and nurturing environment in which we found not what is so different but what is common among us; an understanding that theatre must express the truth of the human experience. I do hope TOC continues to make this contribution to the spirit of theatre that is so necessary in our emerging World Community. My only complaint is I wanted more; representation from even more countries and even more time for us to engage with each other."
Cindy Block - Canada

"I was thrilled to be part of the International Festival of Making Theatre this last July. The event was at once professionally organized, warm and welcoming. With the initial contacts and invitation, it was set a tone of quality for the festival. All the workings of the festival including a well designed website, information on festival presenters, student volunteers to meet us at the plane, superb treatment by the capable and friendly office staff (ready and willing to help) and accommodations, made it easy for me to function in a foreign city, teach my workshop and grow as an artist.
I attended the festival with hopes not only to present my work but also to see the teaching of first-rate theatre professionals and discuss the state of the theater around the world. The design of the festival made all that possible and much more. To my delight I was able to observed or participated in ten of the other fourteen excellent workshops. The evening discussions provoked the presenters to share their views in a safe yet charged atmosphere. Those end-of-the-day events brought the teachers and students together to address issues and stimulated ideas far beyond what was said in the individual sessions.
I liked the rigor or the schedule. The days were long but packed with inspired, diverse styles of teaching. I believe that a teaching festival should get its participants to grow and question. The week was not about one teacher or one technique. It was about investigating a multitude of ways to approach acting, movement and voice. Students were pulled in many directions, challenged to find who they were as they explored the many possibilities for their theatre training. Sometime I wished the studios were a bit bigger but even the size of the spaces forced economy and focus.
I was impressed with the generosity Evdokimos showed with fine dinners, evening entertainment in beautiful Athens and the "exciting" excursion to visit ancient sites and see Aristophanes' Acharnians. The extra planned activities were fabulous and yet another opportunity to share ideas and time with theatre colleagues from the festival. I learned a great deal and made connections with wonderful colleagues. I hope to have the chance to collaborate again with Evdokimos sometime in the near future."
Sara Romersberger - Texas U.S.A.

"I am convinced that I here express the general opinion amongst all participants that the festival was extremely successful. The festival included the three basic theatric elements of contemporary theatre: acting, movement, voice. I believe that the schedule of the festival is optimally made and there is no need for it to be changed – the huge interest towards it on behalf of the students proves it.
As far as the teachers’ work is concerned – the things I managed to see, was remarkable and highly professional. Unfortunately I could not see the work of all the teachers. That is why I would propose that the everyday evening discussions should begin with brief presentations of the workshops. This would logically give a focus of the discussion. On the other hand all the invited teachers would have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of their colleagues.
I would like to mention the fantastic job of the festival team of young energetic and efficient people and their mastermind Evdokimos.
I have no doubt whatsoever of the future success of the festival and I am confident that all the participants will find it very interesting, useful and enjoyable."
Rumen Tsonev - Bulgaria

"The 1st In.F.o.Ma.T. was an amalgamation of some of the most exciting and innovative methods and concepts which are nourishing and advancing theater around the globe. It was a unique opportunity to explore and debate these methods with like-minded people in an intense but exhilarating week amid the beautiful and apt setting of Athens. An unforgettable week, definitely one to be repeated!"
Madeleine Jones - United Kingdom

"The First International Festival of Making Theatre is truly an event to be applauded. A festival of this scope, bringing together visiting artists from many different countries and discplines within the theatrical context is no easy feat.The organization was handled impeccably on every level, creating an container for a cauldron-like environment of creativity, exploration,discovery and sharing. My hope is that the Festival continues, in the years to come, to flourish and grow.
What stands out for me on a personal level is my experience of the participants. I found their response to the Authentic Movement work to be incredibly respectful, engaged and open.The depth to which many of them entered and allowed the work to inform and effect their understanding of the art of acting was very inspiring to me. The clarity and insightfulness of their comments on many occasions quite simply 'blew me away'!
When asked back in Canada about my experince at the Festival, I say, "It seems that the Greek people have a naturally deep artistic sensibilty".
People nod in response and say, "Yes, I can believe that"."
Valerie Campbell - Canada

"The festival was a wonderful and unique oppurtunity for theatre practitioners from different cultures and theatrical backgrounds to come together to share ideas and learn. It managed to be both highly enjoyable and educational and all involved, teachers and students, gained a great deal. Personally the 1st In.F.o.Ma.T has opened my eyes to a wider spectrum of theatre that will surely improve my abilities as an artist and a person in future. It was a fantastic week where I met many incredible people, and I will treasure the memories and lessons learned."
Stuart Dreghorn - United Kingdom

“The organisation was great with the right atmosphere, and for the actors and for the trainers in order to make them work together harmonically. The quality was absolutely high. At first, I thought 9 hours a day would be too much, for a summer stage, but, soon after the first day I'd liked them to be 12 hours a day! I feel a better actress now more aware of myself and about the things I can do and about my limits(and, of course I understood, I will work harder to exceed them). My enthusiasm was growing, proportionally to the enthusiasm I was feeling, growing around me and part of this energy, I still have it inside of me, and I'll keep it. My hope is to participate to the "Second Festival of Making Theatre"...and to the third...and to the fourth...on and on...”
Cristiana Palias - Italy

"I am so happy to have been a part of the 1st In.F.o.Ma.T. 2005. It was a profound and exhilarating experience that has inspired me as an actress as well as a teacher. I encourage American theatre artists to participate because of the unique variety of styles and perspectives that this international collaboration provided."
Arlene Hood - California, USA

“The In.F.o.Ma.T. 2005 has been an outstanding opportunity to listen, see, share, and take action in what we all treasure most, that is our unique creative way to understand and reflect human life, and to nurture our respect and belief in the delicate sensory intelligence of our bodies as a receptive and responsive source of motion and emotions. I am grateful for the chance to meet with trainers I heard of many times in the past, Ms. Ward, Mr. Legler, Mrs. O’Connor , Antonio Ocampo, Ms. Koltai , (I really need to mention these people, not forgetting all the other wonderful artists) and with all the guys engaging their hearts and butts in the class work!!! We had a great time and some special moments. Hope to see you all next year. Also, last but not least, thanks to all the people at the administration office who welcomed and helped all the way all the time. You were awesome!!! Best wishes”
Marco Fontana – Italy

"It's been a number of years since I gave a workshop for In.Fo.Ma.T. and I remember very fondly the work done at the conference, the people I met and took workshops from, and the overall professionalism and conceptualization of the conference. I've participated in events like this all over the world, and I felt that the actual DOING of so much of the work made your conference stand out from so many theatre conferences where talking is the order of the day."
Diane Sadak, Maryland, U.S.A.

"Our journey to do acting can take several ways or methods, and that includes exploring the lives of other cultures as well as the knowledge and experience of various theater tutors. As an actors/actresses, we also have to be open to take advantage of various theatrical genres available. For me, the 7th In.F.o.Ma.T. succeeded in providing us the chance to enjoy all of that. And the most important thing that happened during In.F.o.Ma.T. was the intimate relationship established between all the participants. It was a great energy source for all of us attended."
Agus Nur Amal -  Indonesia

"Being involved with the festival was the best surprise of my summer so far. I really think the teachers and students I met during that intense week made for one of my best experiences teaching in Athens to date. It was a spectacular group and an amazing 5 days. Great work to all of you and endless thanks for bringing me onboard!"
Michael Wighton - Canada

"The International Festival of Making Theatre is an incredible place to meet and be inspired by artists from all over the world. Under the watchful eye of Theatre of Changes, the artists and students share an intense week of creating, discussing and experiencing theatre together. The workshop is something all together perfect: the combination of active work, intellectual discussion and live performance combine to deeply enrich the theatrical mind and expand perception of what is possible at every boundary of theatre."
Jake Witlen - U.S.A. / Germany

"This week put me in touch with so much that is current in Theatre to-day. The common thread in each ones work was the direct connection between bodywork and imagination. My interest being in language-voice and Imagination, it proved a very fruitful weeks work. Epidaurus was the icing on the cake!"
Christopher Garvey - United Kingdom

"It was such a pleasure to participate in the 8th In.F.o.Ma.T.
I found the students open, willing, and trusting.  An absolute joy to work
with them.  The whole experience was so collaborative and creative.
Thank you for inviting me."
Chris Miller - California, U.S.A.

"This festival was useful for me to let me understand how important is taking care of our own creativity. If we don't ,we just die as artists and human beings.As someone said:sky is the limit!!! I hope to come again next year or as soon as possible!! Thank you."
Azzurra De Gregorio - Italy

"Five outstanding days with great teachers who love theater, love to teach the secrets of their art and are, very much, giving to young actors.
Priests of theater indeed!!!!
Well done TOC, keep on the good work!!!!
Looking forward for the next INFOMAT already!!!!
Thank you"
Michalis Georgiou - Greece

"I am more than grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in a festival like this. Perfect organization and great inspiring teachers that surround us all the days of the festival. You changed my point of view as an actor and as a human being. THANK YOU!"
Konstantinos Velentzas - Greece

Explory, revealable
Gaining experiene, feelings and Knowledge
Carries playfully, sensibly
Exceptional, unforgettable
Christina Missirioti - Greece

"During this festival I had the chance to look through already known techniques from a different point of view because of the international character this festival had. More to that, new ways of acting triggered my interests into a more deep and open prospect of making theater. It was interesting not only because I was introduced to them but also because I got to share this knowledge with people with different backgrounds and culture. It was really fulfilling to share all these things with people so different who had only one common thing among all: thirst for the dramatic arts. CU next year!"
Charalambos Galiatsatos - Greece

"I consider myself very lucky to participate in the 2nd In.F.o.Ma.T. and enjoyed the lessons of my teachers. I thank you all! Each one of you contributed in the high level of workshops and gave me the opportunity of knowing the new currents of artistic expression but also of remembering the classic methods. Through long, hard but also pleasant work I was delivered in the charm to be an actor. I also want to thank the members of my group for the moments we spent together! I want to thank the secretaries for their support! Finally, nothing could come true without the vision, the organisation, the responsibility and the patience of Mr. Tsolakidis. Thank you Evdokime!!!"
George Katsampas - Greece

"After having participated in the 8th In.F.o.Ma.T., I deeply realized that art is the common area where teachers with different cultures all over the world can meet to confirm with great generosity that art only needs an open heart…I am looking forward for the 9th In.Fo.Ma.T."
Asimeni Tounta, Greece

"Fantastic event, really well organised! Big thanks to Evdokimos and all the team for bringing together such great and inspiring teachers. I can't wait for next year!"
Katerina Drakopoulou - Greece

"It was a very constructive experience for me cause I got to learn some techniques I've never heard of and also discover the things I need to work on more.Also the diversity and multiculturalism of it was more than intriguing and fun!"
Annita Adamou - Greece

"This festival gave me the chance to meet and work with people from all around the world who shared the same passion and love for theatre as I did.The experience of that week was certainly unique and I do hope that I would be able to live similar experiences again in the future."
Emily Louizou - Greece

"A big thank you to the Theater of Changes staff, to Evdokimos, to all the teachers and to my fellow students! You all contributed in making this festival an amazing experience! Being able to interact with so many teachers from all over the world, and exchange experiences with them and the other students was invaluable!It was great how different people who didn't know each other came together, worked so intensely, and at moments i believe made magical things happen! but i guess this is the magic of theater! Thank you all very much! An unforgettable experience!"
Virginia Moutlia - Greece