..because the training of an actor never ends.

Greek Language For Foreingers

Theater of Changes offers lessons of Greek language for foreigners living and working in Greece.

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International Festival of Making Theater

Every year (since 2005) Theater of Changes organizes an International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.)
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that will be held at our premises July 1-6 2019.
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Invitation for participants 2019

15th International Festival of Making Theater

July 1st – 6th 2019

Athens Greece

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During a whole week of creative interaction, Theater Makers from different parts of the world will have the opportunity to share and get acquainted with new working methods and ideas, regarding the following three sectors: Acting, Movement and Voice.

English will be the official language of the festival.

Especially for this year Theater of Changes will host the following workshops:

Gamal Yakout, Egypt - Let’s tell a story
Donatella Damato, Italy - Ananda Yoga for actors and performers
Alice Condodina, California U.S.A -  Performance Techniques (Condodina technique)
Setareh Shahin, Ali Bayani, Iran - Creating creativity and synchronization of demo groups based on geometry
Merle Schiebergen/Netherlands, Karla Isidorou/Greece – The common seating
Peter Uray, Hungary - Communication between bodies / motive, composition and action
John Freeman, United Kingdom - Positive Tension
Evdokimos Tsolakidis, Greece - History of Acting: From Theory to Practice.

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Devising Oresteia

All participants will be divided in three groups and will prepare and perform Aeschylus’ trilogy, Oresteia. Group A will rehearse Agamemnon in hall B on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 18.30-21.00, group B will rehearse The Libation Bearers in hall A on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 18.30-21.00 and group C will rehearse Eumenides in hall E on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 18.30-21.00. Each play will end up with a devised performance of the duration of 20 minutes (for a total of 60 minutes) that will be presented in front of the public on Friday July 5th at 18.30
We encourage participants to register in advance in order to start working with their group for the preparation (brainstorming, editing, collecting material, music, etc) of the rehearsals. For this purpose there are already formed three secret groups on facebook that will be start working shortly.


Theater of Changes invites, actors, directors, drama/acting school students, dancers, choreographers, singers, acting, voice and movement teachers and finally all those with a vivid interest in performing arts to attend the workshops of the 15th International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.), which will be held  July 1st - 6th 2019 at the Theater of Changes, 19a, Tritis Septemvriou str, 104 32, Athens, Greece.
To apply for participation candidates should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to receive payment guidelines.
Participation fee (for all the workshops)
160 € (only tuition) / 360 € (tuition with private acommodation) / 310 € (tuition with shared acommodation) 
140 € for toc students.
100 € for groups (5+) and for previous In.F.o.Ma.T’s participants (only tuition) / 300 € (tuition with private acommodation) / 250 € (tuition with shared acommodation) 
5O € for those who wish to attend the workshops without participating (only tuition) / 250 € (tuition with private acommodation) / 200 € (tuition with shared acommodation) 
For more information contact the Theater of Changes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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